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Framed by the pine trees of the Black Forest and the blue-tinted Vosges mountains, this culturally unique region has a distinctly cosmopolitan feel and offers superb cruising to suit all tastes. See timber-framed houses with vibrant flower boxes, storks nests on chimney tops, and magnificent cathedrals. For the fine diner, there are more Michelin starred restaurants in Alsace than anywhere else in France. For fitness buffs, there is swimming, hiking, and cycling to be done. Nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy Saarland, Germany. Descend France’s most spectacular boat lift at St Louis-Arzviller, rising (or lowering) 45m in just 20 minutes. Pass through Strasbourg, home to the European Parliament.

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Days Sleeps from: 2 people - 12 people  
Start Date Price range £0 - £10000+

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- Our cruises are suggestions only – you can also create your own itinerary.
-A boating licence is required if you wish to cruise from Saarbrucken to Apach along the waterways of Germany and Luxembourg. For UK citizens an RYA power ICC is required.
- Canal de le Marne au Rhin and Canal du Rhone au Rhin - locks are automatic and easy to operate. Opening hours are 07.00 to 19.00 (18.00 Sundays) depending on the season. There is no charge to use them. Locks are closed on certain Public Holidays.
- Canal des Houilieres de la Sarre has manual locks with a lock keeper ready to assist. Opening hours 08.30 to 18.30.
- Short breaks and longer cruises are available from our bases at Hesse and Boofzheim. Please ask us for information about short or long breaks from Saarbrucken.

Airport Strasbourg
Distance 74kms
Road E25

Airport Strasbourg
Distance 38kms
Road E25

Airport Strasbourg
Distance 119kms
Road E25

Our cruises are suggestions only – you can also create your own itinerary
Hesse, via Nancy
The Baroque art and architecture of Nancy enchants you, and the beauty of the green plains instills a sense of calm.
Distance: 152km
Cruising time: 25h
Locks: 42
Lock types: Automatic

Hesse, via Strasbourg
Two pretty canals take you to bustling cities filled with charm! Treat yourself to gourmet meals and local brews.
Distance: 156km
Cruising time: 37h
Locks: 68
Lock types: Automatic

Hesse to Boofzheim, via Strasbourg
Cheer and laugh as you rise 148 feet on the Arzviller boatlift on the way to cosmopolitan Strasbourg.
Distance: 104km
Cruising time: 28h
Locks: 43
Lock types: Automatic

Hesse to Saarbrucken, via Saverne
Venturing into western Germany gives you a feel for the uniqueness of the region, especially in chic Saarbrücken.
Distance: 163km
Cruising time: 34h
Locks: 57
Lock types: Automatic and manual with lock-keeper to assist

Boofzheim, via Saverne
After you see the sights of thrilling Strasbourg, you head on to Saverne and its incredibly beautiful rose gardens!
Distance: 148km
Cruising time: 25h
Locks: 50
Lock types: Automatic


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