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Situated in the north east of Germany, the beautiful network of lakes, rivers and canals of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg form an idyllic cruising area. River cruises in Germany are noted for their clean air and crystal waters. This area is as popular with boating and watersport enthusiasts as it is with nature lovers. For impressive Baroque grandeur, don’t miss the lakeside castles at Schwerin, Rheinsberg, Fürstenberg and Neustrelitz, which punctuate the landscape and offer a glimpse into the aristocratic lifestyles of bygone eras. The Mecklenburg lake district is home to some of the finest fishing grounds in Europe; eel, sander, and carp are abundant. While in Eastern Germany, you cannot miss Berlin with its 100km of canals and more bridges than Venice.

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Days Sleeps from: 2 people - 12 people  
Start Date Price range £0 - £10000+

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- Our cruises are suggestions only – you can also create your own itinerary
- Locks on the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg are fully automatic and manned or fully automatic selfservice. Opening hours 8am to 8pm May to October, 9am to 4pm April
- Short breaks and longer cruises are available from all our bases.
- Our bases at Potsdam, marina Wolfsbruch and Jabel are all within licence free cruising areas. From Potsdam you can do a short trip to Gottin without a licence. To continue your cruise to Brandenburg or to cruise from Potsdam to Spreewald or to do the one way up to Marina Wolfsbruch you need to have a licence. For UK citizens it is an RYA power ICC qualification.
- All cruising areas around our base at Marina Wolfsbruch are licence free and do not require a licence until you reach Liebenwalde.

Marina Wolfsbruch
Airport Berlin Tegel
Distance 111kms
Road E55

Airport Berlin Tegel
Distance 157kms
Road E55

Airport Berlin Tegel
Distance 35kms
Road E51

Our cruises are suggestions only – you can also create your own itinerary

Jabel, via Rheinsberg
As you explore towns and country roads on your bicycle, the homes of former German aristocrats loom large.
Distance: 229km
Cruising time: 34h
Locks: 8
Lock types: Fully Automatic and manned or automatic self service

Jabel, via Plau and Warren
Relax in the sun on the Plaur See and check out the mediaevel Warren.
Distance: 78km
Cruising time: 12h

Marina Wolfsbruch to Potsdam
Start with resort amenities and watersports in the land of a thousand lakes, and finish your holiday in awesome Berlin!
Distance: 151km
Cruising time: 20h
Locks: 13
Lock types: Fully Automatic and manned or automatic self service


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