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We decided to move into the market because for the same reasons LateSail was set up.

Just like seats in the airline market, revenue from a charter not sold today is lost forever.

Airlines realised that selling late-availability discounted seats direct can cause friction with

other (higher paying) passengers; thus they feed their low-price tickets through third parties -

known to us as 'bucket shops' and to airlines as 'consolidators'. 


We were aware that to obtain the best boat prices involved clients in a seemingly endless round

of telephone calls - LateBoat is a single source for both information and booking. Our helpful and 

knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help and advise you in choosing the perfect boat.

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LateBoat - boating holiday discounts 

If you are looking for a cheap, last minute, discounted boating holiday bargain we offer all the best special offers, from the leading companies on all the major waterways.

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LateBoat Guarantee   |  Terms and conditions   | Privacy policy
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