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Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Canal du Midi was built by Pierre-Paul Riquet in the 17th century and is an amazing feat of engineering. Linking the Atlantic with the Mediterranean, it takes you on a wonderful journey through France’s prime wine producing region. Glide by spectacular arched bridges and ancient aqueducts enjoying the wonderful weather found in the south of France. Wind your way under the dappled shade of the plane trees, passing through beautiful oval-shaped locks. Europe's largest and best preserved medieval fortress is at Carcassonne. Its medieval towers and walled city, a romantic World Heritage site, can be explored from the convenient town centre canal basin. Float through the world’s oldest canal tunnel at Malpas. A cruise along the waterways of southern France is a perfect holiday choice for experienced and first-time cruisers alike.

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Days Sleeps from: 2 people - 12 people  
Start Date Price range £0 - £10000+

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- Our cruises are suggestions only – you can also create your own itinerary
- Locks are fully automatic, manned and free to use. Opening hours 09.00 to 18.00 depending on season. Closed 12.30 to 13.30. Locks closed on certain Public Holidays.
- Cruise on both the Canal Du Midi and the Carmargue on a one way cruise from bases at Homps, Narbonne or Port Cassafieres.
- The Fonserannes staircase can get busy. Moor at the top/bottom and walk or cycle into Beziers for sightseeing.
Short breaks and longer cruises are available from all our bases along the Canal du Midi.

Airport Toulouse Carcossonne
Distance 71kms 38kms
Road E80 E80

Airport Toulouse Carcossonne Bezier Narbonne
Distance 129kms 33kms 87kms 60kms
Road E80 E80 E15/E80 E80

Airport Bezier Momtpellier
Distance 43kms 98kms
Road E15/E80 E15

Port Cassafieres
Airport Bezier Momtpellier
Distance 12kms 74kms
Road D37 E15

The Medieval Short Break
Castelnaudary - Trebes (or vice versa) From the old port of Castelnaudary, visit medieval Carcassonne and enjoy the timeless appeal of the waterway en route to the medieval town of Trèbes, situated at the confluence of the Canal du Midi and the river Aude.
Distance: 52 km
Locks: 31 Cruise Time:

The Languedoc short Break
Homps - Le Sommail – Homps
A beautiful short-break cruise in the heart of the Midi. Discover the little village of Argens, Roubia and Paraza. visit the Castel of Ventenac and the old library of Le Sommail, which is also a perfect spot for alfresco dining.
Distance: 40 km
Locks: 12
Cruise Time: 11 hrs

The Cathar Short Break
Homps - Carcassonne - Trèbes (or vice versa).
Enjoy a 4 nights cruise in one-way on the Canal du Midi. Enjoy the flavours of this warm region. Discover little villages like La redorte, Puicheric, Marseillette, Fresquel before visiting the jewel of the Midi : "la Cité de Carcassonne".
Distance: 53 km
Locks: 27
Cruise Time: 18 hrs

The Little Midi Cruise
Castelnaudary - Homps – Castelnaudary
A classic cruise on the Canal du Midi through rolling countryside under the dappled shade of the plane trees. Visit the impressive walled city of Carcassonne, and the medieval Cathar city of Argens Minervois close to the pretty port of Homps.
Distance: 104 km
Locks: 62
Cruise Time: 39 hrs

The Merchant’s Cruise
Narbonne – Carcassone Narbonne
Start your holiday in the pretty Roman town of Narbonne and enjoy the scenery of the Canal de la Robine before turning onto the Canal du Midi and heading towards the walled city of Carcassonne.
Distance: 158 km
Locks: 78
Cruise Time: 39 hrs


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