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Brittany is a magical land, alive with folklore, festivals and tradition. The network of canals and rivers are easy to navigate. Don’t miss the fairy tale castles at Blain and Josselin or a trip to the historic regional capital – Rennes or the cathedral city of Nantes. Relax in La Gacilly’s renowned botanical gardens. Savour a buckwheat galette, enjoy a fresh seafood platter, or satisfy your sweet tooth with a crêpe – all typical Breton cuisine. Brittany’s beautiful countryside is home to a wonderful array of rare plants, birds and wildlife. The many cycle paths and nature trails are perfect for seeing what lies beyond the waterways. Between Brittany and the Loire valley, lies Anjou where you can cruise through scenic villages along gently flowing rivers. The world’s oldest active sports car race, 24 Hours of Le Mans, occurs nearby every June. The River Sarthe meanders past Solesmes’ famous Gregorian Abbey and Malicorne, noted for its pottery and ancient chateau.

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Days Sleeps from: 2 people - 12 people  
Start Date Price range £0 - £10000+

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- Our cruises are suggestions only – you can also create your own itinerary.
- Locks in Brittany are mostly automatic with a lock keeper. Locks are open on public holidays.
- Only one way cruises to or from Dinan are possible.
- Cruising on the River Loire, south of Nantes is not allowed.

Airport Rennes Nante St Malo
Distance 40kms 85kms 40kms
Road E3 E3 N136/D777

The Little Brittany Cruise: Nort-sur-Erdre - Nantes - Blain - Nort-sur-Erdre
A 3 or 4 nights cruise in the South Brittany on the river Erdre and on the Canal de Nantes à Brest. Discover the castel of Blain, the little village of Sucé-sur-Erdre and the big city of Nantes.
Distance: 100 km
Locks: 20
Cruise Time: 17 hrs

The Napolean Short Break
Messac - La Roche Bernard - Messac
Pass under the iron bridge of Port de Roche, decorated with the seals of Napoleon and Eugenie and built for the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900.
Distance: 152 km
Locks: 4
Cruise Time: 20 hrs

The Artisan Cruise
Nort-sur-Edre - La Gacilly - Nort-sur-Edre
La Gacilly is a pretty flower-adorned town, home to artists and artisans and a delight to explore.
Distance: 200 km
Locks: 34
Cruise Time: 38 hrs

The Maritime Cruise
Nort-sur-Edre - La Roche Bernard - Nort-sur-Edre
Cruise to La Roche Bernard on the coast and wander the streets of this charming old town. You’ll be rewarded with spectacular views over the River Vilaine.
Distance: 240 km
Locks: 32
Cruise Time: 44 hrs

The Gardens And Castles Cruise
Messac - Josselin - Messac
Take a walk around the stunning Yves Rocher botanical gardens and visit the famous beauty centre at La Gacilly. Enjoy a tour of Malestroit and discover the town’s luxurious houses. Explore the grand Château at Josselin, considered the most beautiful in the region, and admire the houses clustered around the main square.
Distance: 208 km
Locks: 36
Cruise Time: 36 hrs


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